10 Fun Inflatable Fall Yard Decorations

As the leaves start to turn shades of red and gold, it’s time to break out the pumpkin spice lattes and cozy sweaters. But why stop there? Take your love for fall to the next level with inflatable yard decorations that are sure to make your neighbors jealous.

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From friendly scarecrows to towering jack-o’-lanterns, these blow-up characters add a festive touch to any outdoor space.

Top 10 Inflatable Fall Yard Decorations

Light up your yard with these fall blow-up decorations! My selection of autumn inflatables is perfect for adding a touch of seasonal fun to any outdoor space.

Inflatable Cornucopia with Woodland Critters

Joiedomi 7 FT Long Inflatable Woodland Animals with Cornucopia with Build-in LEDs, Blow Up Inflatables for Thanksgiving Party Indoor, Outdoor, Yard, Garden, Lawn Fall Decorations


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This adorable inflatable features a lighted cornucopia, a raccoon, an owl, and a squirrel. Kids will love this one!

Inflatable Fall Gnome With Turkey Wings

Juegoal Fall Decor Window Inflatable Gnome, 3.5FT Light Up Thanksgiving Gnome with Turkey Wings Holds Pumpkin, Animated Autumn Harvest Front Door Roof Prop, Outdoor Indoor Holiday Party Blow up Decor


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This fun gnome holds a lighted pumpkin in his hands and has turkey wings on his back. You can hang this in front of a window or on the front door for an eye-catching decor.

Owl Inflatable Yard Decoration

Owl Yard Inflatable Decoration


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Add a touch of autumn whimsy to your yard with this 6 FT Air Blown Owl Autumn Inflatable! This eye-catching inflatable owl will bring an inviting and playful energy to your outdoor space that you’ll love for years to come.

Featuring LED lights, it’s sure to be a stunning addition at night too. With this inflatable, you can decorate any outdoor or indoor area with ease – just plug it in and enjoy the cozy autumn atmosphere!

Inflatable Scarecrow with Plaid Shirt

Inflatable Scarecrow with Plaid Shirt


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Welcome the fall season with this festive 6-ft Plaid Dressed Happy Smiling Scarecrow Inflatable! It’s sure to make your outdoor decorating a cinch and put a smile on everyone’s face.

Not only is it huge and eye-catching, but its cheerful smiling face is also sure to bring joy and laughter to your neighborhood.

Plus, it easily inflates in minutes for quick assembly that won’t take up too much time or effort.

Scarecrow Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo as Scarecrow Fall Inflatable


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This Scooby Doo as a scarecrow blowup decoration is so cute! Scooby is 3.5 ft tall and comes with lights, so you (and the neighbors) can enjoy Scoob all night long.

Lighted Inflatable Owl on Pumpkin

JOYEASE 6FT Thanksgiving Inflatable Owl on Pumpkin,LED Light Up Blow Up Owl with Pilgrim Hat Decorations for Autumns Fall Thanksgiving Indoor Outdoor Lawn Holiday Decor


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Great for fall al the way to Thanksgiving, this adorable owl makes a great statement in the front yard. It comes with lights, so it can be enjoyed at nighttime too!

Scarecrow Sitting on Pumpkin with Pumpkins for Sale Banner

Scarecrow Sitting on Pumpkin with Pumpkins for Sale Banner


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This bright and cheery inflatable will bring a touch of warmth and joy to any home.

With its smiling face, festive banner, and comfy pumpkin seat, this jolly scarecrow is sure to be the star of your holiday decorations.

Minnie Mouse with Cornucopia Inflatable

Minnie Mouse Holding Cornucopia Inflatable Fall Decoration


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Welcome the joy of the autumn season into your home with this delightful 3.5′ Minnie Holding a Cornucopia! This cheerful inflatable is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face, as they marvel over the bright colors and whimsical design.

Mickey Mouse Holding Pumpkin Blow-Up Decoration

Inflatable Lighted Mickey Mouse Holding Pumpkin - Fall Decoration


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Of course, we need a Mickey Mouse inflatable too. This Mickey holding a pumpkin inflatable comes in the same size as Minnie, so they can cheer up the yard together!

Inflatable Decorated Pumpkins with LED Lights

Inflatable Decorated Pumpkins


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These lighted blow-up pumpkins are available in 3 designs: polka dot, plaid, or stripes. Have 1 of each and display them together near your front door or on the porch!


Happy Fall Y’all Scarecrow with Pumpkin Inflatable

Happy Fall Y'all Scarecrow with Pumpkin Inflatable


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This festive scarecrow decoration is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Standing five feet tall, this scarecrow comes with a friendly pumpkin companion that will stand happily next to him for all your guests to admire.

Inflatable Fall Yard Decorations Wrap Up

Inflatable fall yard decorations are a fun and festive way to spruce up your outdoor space during the autumn months. With so many options available, from adorable pumpkins to spooky ghosts, there is something for everyone.

Not only do they add a touch of whimsy and charm to your yard, but they also provide a great photo opportunity for family and friends.

They are easy to set up (just plug them in and watch them come to life!), and they’re also durable enough to withstand windy days and even rainy weather.

Plus, they can be deflated and stored away until next year once the season has passed.

So why not embrace the season and add some inflatables to your fall decor? Your neighbors will surely be envious of your stylish and spirited display! Happy decorating!

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