Thanksgiving Centerpiece Decorating Ideas

When it comes to making your Thanksgiving dinner as special as possible, putting a little effort into creating an attractive Thanksgiving centerpiece can really add a unique touch to the day.

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If you’re looking for a few thanksgiving centerpieces decorating ideas, then here are some to get you going.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Decorating Ideas - Color Changing Cornucopia Centerpiece
Color Changing Cornucopia Centerpiece via Amazon

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Thanksgiving Serveware

Thanksgiving dinner tables can easily be dressed up by using beautiful serveware. Start with a thanksgiving tablecloth or runner, add some leaves and flameless candles for an easy-to-make dinner table centerpiece.

Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece Decor Ideas

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Fall Colors

You can never go wrong when you choose fall colors for the color scheme of your Thanksgiving centerpiece and any other table decorations you might use. This means deep reds, yellows, and oranges: take inspiration from items in nature.

You can also use natural objects such as pine cones, nuts, pumpkins, and autumn leaves to help create the feeling you want for your table.


Fall Leaves Gleam 'N Burst Centerpiece | Beautiful Centerpiece in Fall Colors Gold, Red, Brown and Orange.
Beautiful Centerpiece in Fall Colors Gold, Red, Brown and Orange.

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Simple Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Autumn Leaves Acorns and Berries Candle Holder Centerpiece
Autumn Leaves Acorns and Berries Candle Holder Centerpiece from


If you want to keep things easy, but still make sure that your Thanksgiving centerpiece looks impressive, then here are a few ideas you might want to use:

  • Buy a bouquet of fall flowers from the supermarket and put them into a pretty bowl. You might want to trim them a little to make the arrangement look just right.
  • Sometimes the really simple ideas can also be the most eye-catching. For example, you could get hold of a large glass jar and fill it with fall fruit.
  • Or simply buy a pretty candleholder and candle for your centerpiece idea.


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Rustic Thanksgiving Centerpiece - Thanksgiving Centerpiece Decorations
Rustic Thanksgiving Decoration – Burlap wrapped Mason jars available from Amazon


Thanksgiving Centerpiece Crafts For Kids

If you want to get your kids involved in the process of getting ready for Thanksgiving then here are a few craft ideas:

Thanksgiving turkey

There are many ways your kids can put together a turkey-themed centerpiece for Thanksgiving. One idea is to create a tissue paper turkey by arranging different colored paper with pipe cleaners.

Thanksgiving wreath

This is easy to make by cutting outlines of the kids’ hands-on colored cards and arranging them into a decorative wreath.

Decorative jars

This is an easy one for the kids. Simply get together a nice jar and fill it with dried flowers, or get the kids to create their own flowers out of craft paper.

Fruit turkey

This makes a great centerpiece for the kids’ table, and is one they can make themselves too! The idea is to fashion a turkey out of different fruits. Use a melon for the main body of the turkey and connect other fruit using cocktail sticks. It’s easy but fun to put together!

Name cards and napkin holders

Although these don’t form the centerpiece of the table, kids can create personalized name cards and napkin holders for all of your guests.

You could even get them to create the tablecloth by buying a plain one for them to decorate! It adds a very special touch to a family event.


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