35 Spooky Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Looking for fun and scary Outdoor Halloween Decorations to entertain guests, trick-or-treaters, and of course, yourself?

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I have found the best Halloween decor for the yard, porch, or any outdoor area you want to scare up. Enjoy!

Cheap Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Outdoor Halloween decor does not have to cost a lot of money. Look around thrift stores for cheap Halloween decor or browse Pinterest for inspiration and DIY.

I’ve found some cheap outdoor Halloween decorations that will fit your style and budget.

Witch Tree Halloween Decor

Pre-Lit Halloween Witch Tree comes with 105 amber colored bulbs | Outdoor Halloween Decorations
Pre-Lit Halloween Witch Tree

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A Christmas tree for Halloween? Why not? This pre-lit tree is shaped in the form of a witch dress with a cape and hat.

The witch tree comes pre-lit with 105 amber-colored lights and the broom is also included.

Scarecrow with Chainsaw Animatronic

Haunted Hill Farm Motion-Activated Chainsaw Rusty by Tekky, Jump-Scare Animatronic for Halloween Party Prank Decoration, Plug-in or Battery Operated


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Is there anything more scary than a person wearing a mask and wielding a rusty chainsaw? This animated Halloween prop features a candy bowl, a buzzing chainsaw, and creepy laughter.

As soon as someone reaches for the candy bowl it all gets set into motion, so maybe keep small kids or anyone who’s easily triggered away from this one.

Mermaid Skeleton Halloween Decoration

Funny 33 Inches Mermaid Skeleton Halloween Outdoor Decorations, Haunted House Prop Decor, Realistic Full Body Posable Joints Mermaid Bones Scary Halloween Skeleton Small Size for Graveyard (Mermaid)


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OK, this Halloween prop is just hilarious! It’s a mermaid skeleton with poseable joints that is suitable for indoors or outdoors.

It’s great as a graveyard prop, but I would lay this on the Halloween buffet table!

Outdoor Halloween Witch Stakes with Lights

Outdoor Halloween Witch Stakes

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These spooky lighted Halloween witch stakes are the perfect way to add some fun and fright to your outdoor décor. The three witches have lighted, faceless heads that glow and flicker, and their hands are tied together.

Lighted Witches with Brooms on Stakes

Lighted Witches with Brooms on Stakes - Outdoor Halloween Witch Decoration


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This trio of witches each has their colored brooms and lighted faceless heads that glow and flicker. You can display them together or separately, so the decorating options are endless!

Outdoor Tombstone Halloween Decorations

JOYIN 17” Halloween Foam RIP Graveyard Tombstones Decorations (5 Pack), Headstone Decorations and 12 Bonus Metal Stakes for Halloween Yard Decorations


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Creating your own haunted graveyard is easy with this set of 5 tombstones. They’re made from foam and include stakes to secure them.

Add a few ghostly or zombie Halloween props and your DIY haunted cemetery is done!

Animatronic Bride

Animatronic Bride with Light Up Eyes

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Get ready to give your guests a scare with this animatronic bride, Ivy the Ghost.

This life-size, poseable ghost figure is perfect for indoor or covered outdoor decor and features realistic ghost movements and eerie blue lights.

With touch activation and motion sensors, Ivy is sure to delight and frighten trick-or-treaters.

And with easy setup out of the box, this multi-functional prop is a must-have for any haunted house.

Skeleton Arms Stakes With Solar Lights

Skeleton Arms Stakes With Solar Lights

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These Skeleton Arm Metal Stakes with Solar Lanterns are the perfect way to light up your Halloween yard decor.

The stake is made of metal and has a skeleton arm attached, and the lantern is solar powered so it will light up at night.

This set of 2 stakes is a great way to add some spooky fun to your yard this Halloween!

Solar-Powered Lighted Scarecrow Jack O’ Lantern Stake

Scarecrow Jack O' Lantern with Solar Lights Stake

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This 6ft. Scarecrow Jack O’ Lantern is the perfect way to add some Halloween spirit to your yard. He’s made of weather-resistant material and has a pumpkin head and witch hat.

His head lights up at night thanks to the included solar panel.

Solar Powered Lighted Cauldron

Solar Powered Lighted Cauldron - Outdoor Halloween Decorations

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This lighted cauldron with a metal stake features a light effect that looks like the flames are flickering and the brew is bubbling. It is solar-powered, so it’s very energy efficient!

Grey-Haired Zombie Groundbreaker Prop

Zombie Groundbreaker Outdoor Halloween Prop

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There’s a lot you can do with a Halloween prop like this groundbreaking zombie skeleton. On the grass is the most obvious, but if you have a decent-sized letterbox you could prop it on there.

Or on the buffet table right in between the stuffed eyeballs, witches’ fingers, and blood punch.

It also makes a great fence decoration (your neighbors will love it peeking in their yard. Or not!

Halloween Zombie Decoration

Halloween Zombie Decorations | Creepy zombie face with 2 zombie arms covered with sleeves


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If you’re making a graveyard this zombie crawling out of the ground would be perfect!

Giant Spider Decoration with Glowing Eyes and Sound

Giant Spider Decoration for Halloween with Glowing Eyes

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Imagine this giant spider with his glowing eyes and spooky voice hanging on your porch or in the doorway. Those screams you’re hearing may or may not be from delight.

The spider is made from a furry fleece material that gives it a scary, creepy look.

Witch Crashing Into Tree Halloween Decoration

Witch Crashing Into Tree Halloween Decoration

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Halloween decor with a bit of humor. This witch crashing into a tree decor will get people laughing and kids will love this!

Halloween Garden Stake (Set of 3)

Halloween Garden Stake (Set of 3)

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These Halloween garden stakes are fun and easy to assemble and last all through the Fall season.

Large Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Swinging Reaper Prop


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Here’s the grim reaper swinging his worries away after a long day of hard “work!”

Klowns from Outer Space 6 Ft Cotton Candy Cocoon

Klowns from Outer Space 6 Ft Cotton Candy Cocoon Halloween Prop

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If you’re a fan of the classic horror-comedy film, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, then you won’t want to miss out on this cotton candy cocoon prop.

Standing at 6 feet tall, this static hanging prop is perfect for adding a touch of creepy fun to your Halloween decor.

Hang it up in your home or covered outdoor area to give off major Killer Klowns vibes and make your guests feel like they’ve stepped right onto the movie set.

Halloween Tree with Purple and Orange Lights

TURNMEON 5 Ft Orange & Purple Lighted Halloween Tree with Timer Halloween Decorations Outdoor Indoor Spooky Artificial Tree 64 Lights DIY Ornaments 8 Pumpkins Jack-O-Lantern 8 Spiders Yard Garden


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This Halloween tree features 3D pumpkin and Spider lights and is also available with lighted bats and eyeballs.

Dress it up with props like a scarecrow and a cauldron for a unique Halloween yard display.

Life-size Animatronic Witches Figurine

Life-Size Animatronic Witches Figurine

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Meet Willow, Wilma, and Winney, the evil trio of your nightmares. These “gals” are brewing up trouble and have fun doing it.

The figurines are animated and react to motion with talking, moving, and sinister smiles.

Life-Size Animated Haunted Talking Tree Prop

Life-Size Animated Haunted Talking Tree Prop

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This animated Halloween prop is a talking tree with moving lips and glowing eyes. The prop features twig-like fingers and talks in a sinister voice, greeting visitors with 3 different phrases.

Halloween Prop For Haunted House

Standing Ghost Halloween Prop For Haunted House or Yard - This Halloween prop has a sensor, wo when people come near the eyes light up, it's body shakes and makes a scary sound! #hauntedhouseprop #halloweenprop #Halloweendecorations

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Looking for a great Halloween prop for your haunted house or yard? This scary-looking skeleton has a sensor in its head, when people come close, it will light up its eyes, shake its body, and make scary sounds. Boooo!

Swinging Witch Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Swinging Witch Outdoor Halloween Decorations | Fun and Awesome Outdoor Halloween Decor

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This swinging witch decoration is purple, festive, and ready to hang out with you! This outdoor Halloween decor is 5ft. tall and comes with s-hooks for hanging.

This will look great on a covered porch!


Cocoon Corpse - Large Outdoor Halloween Decor

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Yep, that’s a cocoon corpse hanging from your porch. This one’s a life-sized 72″ and comes with a hook for hanging. It will be a great surprise for any visitors or trick-or-treaters!

Martha Stewart 5′ Glittered Indoor/Outdoor Posable Skeleton

Martha Stewart 5' Glittered Indoor-Outdoor Posable Skeleton

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This glittered skeleton looks amazing in the yard with a light shining on it. Word of caution though: open the box outdoors, you don’t want glitter all over your kitchen!

Inflatable Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Inflatable outdoor decor is fun and easy to set up. And after Halloween, you just deflate and store anywhere you want to!

I have found some great inflatable outdoor Halloween decorations for a fabulous All Hallows Eve display.

Baby Yoda Halloween Inflatable

Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Baby Yoda Halloween Airblown Inflatable

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I love The Mandalorian, so this Baby Yoda inflatable holding a pumpkin is so going in my yard this Halloween. It’s 4.5 feet tall and comes with LED lights

Inflatable Grim Reaper

Airblown Inflatable Gemmy Lights Pumpkin Reaper 3.5'

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Inflatable grim reaper with pumpkin head 3.5 feet tall.

Animated Fire and Ice Dragon Inflatable



Gemmy 50202 Animated Airblown Fire & Ice Dragon, 9 foot


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9 ft Fire & Ice Animated Dragon flaps his wings and features colorful, swirling lights. Inflates itself and deflates for easy storage.

Oogie Boogie Nightmare Before Christmas Scene

Gemmy Halloween Inflatable 7' Oogie Boogie Nightmare Before Christmas Scene | Airblown Inflatable


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Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie Boogie inflatable lights up for a beautiful nighttime scene.

Headless Horseman Decoration

6.5 Foot Tall Lighted Halloween Inflatable Headless Horseman with Pumpkin Lights Decor Outdoor Indoor Holiday Decorations, Blow up Lighted Yard Decor, Giant Lawn Inflatables Home Family Outside


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Halloween Inflatable Headless Horseman with Tombstones, 6.7 ft with lights.

Animated Short Circuit Shaking Monster Inflatable

Animated Short Circuit Shaking Monster Inflatable Outdoor Halloween Decoration #halloweendecorations

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An inflatable Halloween decoration that’s unique is this monster hooked up to a short circuit that’s animated. Just plug it in and the monster will self-inflate in seconds.

20 ft Inflatable Halloween Black Cat Decoration (Lighted)

20 ft Inflatable Halloween Black Cat Decoration with lights, stakes, tethers, and an internal fan. Suitable for outdoor decor.

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Here’s a giant 20-foot Halloween kitty to scare up the yard or the neighborhood dogs. It self-inflates quickly and easily and comes with ground stakes, an internal fan, and tethers. 

It’s made from weather-resistant polyester and can be used indoors or outdoors. 

8′ Tall Inflatable Dead Tree with Ghosts and Pumpkins

8' Tall Inflatable Dead Tree with Ghost and Pumpkins | Halloween Garden Decor

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Ghosts and pumpkins are classic Halloween decor ideas. This 8-foot inflatable evil-looking tree has pumpkins at the bottom and 2 ghosts floating near the top.

The tree is lighted and will look fantastic if you’re creating a spooky cemetery in your garden.

Inflatable Skeleton on Motorcycle

Skeleton on Motorcycle with Lights - Large Inflatable Outdoor Halloween Decoration #halloweendecorations

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Here’s a bad-ass-looking grim reaper on his motorcycle! This giant inflatable Halloween decoration comes with stakes and a pump.

Inflatable Scary Tree with Lighted Pumpkins

Inflatable Scary Tree with Lighted Pumpkins #halloweendecorations

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This scary-looking tree has pumpkins that light up at night. Plug it in and it self-inflates in seconds.

Lighted Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Creating a Halloween outdoor decor with lighted outdoor Halloween decorations is getting more popular every year. It looks beautiful and very spooky too.

Thanks to modern technology like LED, these decorations will last longer and are energy efficient!

Pre-Lit Witch Hat (Set of 3)

Pre Lit Witch Hat Set of 3 Lighted Outdoor Halloween Decorations

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Hang these lighted Halloween witch hats from a tree and they will float eerily in the wind creating a nice effect. This Halloween decor can be used outdoors and indoors.


Lighted Halloween Pumpkin and Ghost

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These 2 Halloween characters in the form of a ghost and a pumpkin, will look great near your front door carrying their own trick-or-treat bags.

Both are lighted and have a sand-filled base so they weather some gusty winds.

Note: These Halloween characters are sold separately, but for a very reasonable price, so you might buy them both.

Star Wars Halloween Decorations

Come over to the Dark Side this Halloween with these Star Wars Halloween decorations.

Star Wars Darth Vader Light-Up Pumpkin

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Darth Vader Light-Up Pumpkin for the Star Wars fan.


Star Wars Yoda Light-Up Pumpkin

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Star Wars 12″ Yoda Scene Light-Up Pumpkin

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