Top 10 Best Solar Powered Hanging Lanterns 2023 Reviews

Solar Powered Hanging Lanterns | Beautiful color changing solar powered lights for the backyard #Solar
Beautiful color changing solar powered hanging lanterns available from Amazon.

Solar powered hanging lanterns are a great way to light up the garden without the hefty electricity bill to pay afterwards. You can now sit in the garden on those hot summer nights enjoying the chirping crickets and beautiful light of these pretty lanterns.

I have handpicked the best solar powered hanging lanterns available based on customer satisfaction.

Oh and did I mention they’re very affordable too? Hope you like my selection!

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Patriotic Solar Powered Hanging Lanterns in Red, White and Blue | Solar Powered Hanging Lanterns Garden Solar Powered Hanging LanternsPatriotic Solar Powered Hanging Lanterns in Red, White and Blue

I love these patriotic lanterns. They’re great for any garden party and will be greatly admired on your Independence day barbecue party!

You’ll get a set of 3 lanterns which run on a AA rechargeable battery per lantern. The batteries are included.

The lanterns are charged by a high quality solar panel and include 3 LED lights per lamp.

Once charged the lanterns will light up automatically at dusk and will last for 5 hours, so this is pretty good for long summer nights.

Also available in yellow, green and red at

Vintage Style Solar Powered Hanging Lantern

Vintage Style Solar Powered Hanging Lantern | These Solar Powered Lights come with a ring and clamp, so you can hang them anywhere you like | The powerlasts up to 9 hours | Solar Powered Hanging Lanterns #SolarPower
These solar powered lights come with a clamp and a ring, so you can hang them anywhere you like!

These hanging lanterns have a vintage look and come in a pack of 4. Hang them from an umbrella as pictured, on your patio, from a wall, gazebo or take one with you when you go camping!

These lanterns radiate a warm light instead of the cold blue and they actually flicker!

It will take up to 5 hours to charge the lanterns, but this means you will enjoy them for up to 9 hours!

Note: the product information states they are waterproof, but you should not immerse them in water. They do withstand the rain however.

Get them from


Most solar powered hanging lanterns will turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. Most have options to turn off the light manually though. To do this check for a switch usually placed close to the battery compartment.

Solar Powered Hanging Floral Stained Glass LED Light | Solar Powered Hanging Lanterns Solar Powered Hanging Light With Stained Glass

This stained glass hanging lantern with flowers and a dragon fly is little more expensive, yet also very unique.

There are unique stained glass designs on each side, which are also hand painted.

It includes a shepherd’s hook you stake into the ground and hang the lantern from.

The lantern charges on 1 AA battery (included) and can run 6-8 hours when charged fully.

Available from

Solar powered hanging lanterns are easy to install (no wiring) cheap and effective. They are also very safe; no need to worry about kids or pets getting electrocuted when they play in the garden.

Color Changing Outdoor Hanging LanternSolar Powered Color Changing Lanterns

Available from

These color changing lanterns are definitely my personal favorite. There’s a rainbow of colors in these beautiful designed lanterns decorated with hummingbirds.

You can set 1 color or have it alternating. Check out these green and blue colors in the picture. Looks good right?

The lanterns have very long-lasting LED lights which can be used up to 100,000 hours.

These lanterns can be hung from a (wall) hook, umbrella, tree or anywhere you like!

Of course you can also hang these lanterns INSIDE the house – just make sure it’s somewhere sunny!

Hanging Solar Lights for Trees

Hanging Solar lights for trees add a stunning ambience to your garden.

Click here to see all of the hanging lights for trees we found.


Hanging Solar Lights for Trees - Color Changing Solar Hanging Lights
Color Changing Solar Lights – These lights look like sparkling crystal balls when they’re lit, giving a magical effect
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I absolutely love these beautiful color changing solar lights. They add the finishing touch to the garden and the shimmering and sparkling looks stunning when they turn on (automatically) at dusk.

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Solar Lighted Wind Mobile

Solar Lighted Wind Chime features 6 color changing lights that turn on when the Sun goes down.
Beautiful color changing wind mobile that look elegant and romantic when turned on.
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I just had to include this solar lighted wind mobile, because it’s so beautiful when it turns on at night. Just sitting on the patio with those lights gently waving in the breeze watching the colors change is so relaxing.

Hope I have given you some ideas for solar powered hanging lanterns and you have found the one for your garden!

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