Best Lighted Liquor Bottle Shelves for The Home Bar

Building your own home bar and need something to display your liquor stash, but you don’t like any of these liquor cabinets?

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Add these lighted liquor bottle shelves to your home bar or man cave. It looks totally awesome and it’s a very professional look as well!

Corner Display Shelf With LED Lights

YITAHOME Corner Shelf with Power Outlets & LED Lights & Glass Holder, 5 Tier Corner Bar Rack, Corner Bookshelf Bookcase Display Shelves for Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Black


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The perfect solution for small spaces: A corner shelf with 2 wine glass racks, LED lights, and power outlets.

The shelves feature LED strips that can be controlled with an RC or an app and the light sync with music.

The 2 power outlets are convenient for charging devices or to use with small kitchen appliances like a blender!

Armana LED Liquor Bottle Display


LED Liquor Shelf and Bottle Display by Armana Productions
LED Liquor Shelf and Bottle Display with programmable wireless remote; change the look of any room with an endless number of color and lighting options (color fading, brightness, flashing, and custom colors).

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These lighted liquor bottle shelves are made by the no. 1 sellers of LED shelves on Amazon. Standard sizes are 24, 25, 29, 31 and 32 inches, but custom sizes are also available in request.

The smallest 24″ liquor shelf holds up to 6 bottles comfortably.

Made in the USA from high-grade acrylic, these LED lighted bar shelves are built to last and last. Thanks to the modular design, these shelves can be connected and controlled with just one remote!

This LED liquor bottle display uses RGB LEDs, so you can customize your own colors and have lighting effects like fading, flashing, and brightness.

Those color options are great for special events or Holidays. Use the colors to show support for your favorite sports team during a game or use green to celebrate St. Partick’s Day!


  • Available in 5 standard sizes
  • Custom sized led floating bar shelves available
  • Includes wireless remote control to customize color and light effects
  • CE certified RGB LED Lights allow for unlimited colors
  • Low heat LED lights
  • Made from high-grade acrylic
  • LED strips with 18 bulbs per foot
  • 50,000+ hours of use

2ft 3Tier LED Lighted Liquor Bottle Shelves Bar Display 2ft 3Tier LED Lighted Liquor Bottle Shelves Bar Display

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Lightweight and sturdy, this 3 tier liquor bottle shelf is made from plastic molding. Use the remote control (included) to change the colors and gradients.

There’s a choice of 16 colors and 4 gradients, so there’s always one to suit your decor. See more at Walmart.

3 Step Led Lighted Bottle Display Shelf with LED Color Changing Lights3 Step Led Lighted Bottle Display Shelf with LED Color Changing Lights

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Available in sizes from 12 to 96 inches, these lighted liquor bottle shelves come with a lifetime warranty for a totally cool home bar display. Use the remote to display the colors of your favorite sports team or holiday colors.

LED Liquor Bottle Shelf Display

Home Bar Lighting Wine Racks - 2 Ft LED Lighted Liquor Bottle Display Shelf Includes Remote Control


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Unlimited colors and special effects like strobing and fading are just a few of the features of these lighted liquor bottle shelves that are made from 100% acrylic.

The LED lights are fully encased, energy-efficient, and generate very little heat.

2′ LED Floating Bar Shelves with Integrated Wine Glass Rack & LED Controller

2' LED Lighted Floating Bar Shelving
2′ LED Lighted Floating Bar Shelving with Integrated Wine Glass Rack & LED Controller


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Cool-looking lighted liquor bottle shelves with integrated wine glass holders! Shelves can be daisy-chained or operate independently and come with a lifetime warranty.

Remote control is included which allows you to program your own lighting sequence in your favorite colors. You could program the colors of your favorite sports team or even Holiday colors.

Of course, it’s also possible to use one of the preset modes!

Lighted Liquor Bottle Shelf with LED controller

LED Lighted Floating Bar Shelf

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Awesome color-changing liquor shelves are available in several sizing options. Includes nickel finish mounting brackets.

  • Acrylic shelf with built in LED lights
  • 8 sizing options
  • Shelves can be Daisy chained
  • Includes mounting brackets and hardware
  • Create your own fade programs
  • Lifetime warranty


The lighting on these liquor shelves are LED lights, guaranteeing you over 50,000+ hours of use.

Most of these shelves have options to change colors and come with effects such as flashing or fading.

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