Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Women

Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Women

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If there’s a special lady in your life who you somehow missed from your Christmas shopping list this year then there are always a few classic holiday gifts for her that she will love. Even if you’ve only got a day to fit in your Christmas shopping, you can usually find these gifts quite easily.

Just make sure you keep her personal taste and style in mind, and she’ll appreciate the thoughtful gift.


Jewelry always makes a good gift at Christmas and, if you’re shopping at the last minute, you should still be able to find something that looks fantastic. Simply buy her some new earrings, a ring, pearls or anything else that catches your eye and matches her style.

To make it even more special why not get her a personalized charm for a charm bracelet, or a locket with a special photograph inside?


If it’s too late to get to the store then you’re going to need to rely on electronically-delivered holiday gifts for her that will reach her on time. A great idea is a magazine subscription, such as a fashion magazine, cooking magazine, or whatever she may be interested in.

You could also buy her an iTunes voucher if she loves downloading music, movies and TV shows. Although it’s a little less personal, at least she’ll get to choose something she really likes that way.


You’re going to need to at least be able to get to the store for this one, but even on Christmas Eve this is doable. Don’t rush things – you still need to make sure that whatever you pick will suit her and is in her size.

If you’re finding it harder to find clothing to suit her, try an accessory instead such as a high quality scarf. She’ll never know it was last minute!

Travel Or A Day Out

This is another gift idea for those who are stuck and haven’t bought anything from the store. The internet is now perfect for buying travel vouchers, days out, or even booking a romantic getaway. What better way to surprise her on Christmas day than to let her know you’re taking her somewhere special?

Or you could simply pick up a travel guide and give that to her on Christmas morning. The two of you will certainly have fun together choosing where you want to go!

The great thing about these holiday gifts for her is that most of them don’t look last minute at all. It’s still possible to be thoughtful about the gift you buy, even if you don’t have much time. She’ll really appreciate it!

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