Easter Tree Ideas (And How To Make Your Own)

What is An Easter Tree?

The Easter tree is a relatively new decorating tradition in North America, but one that’s been quickly embraced! Around Easter time you’ll see a number of ready made trees available to buy in store.

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Of course you can buy one or you can create your own unique and cost effective Easter tree from scratch.

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Easter Tree Tradition

The tradition of hanging eggs from small trees goes back to Europe. Decorated eggs have been made for centuries during spring and the Easter festival, and hanging them from a tree was simply a beautiful way to display their intricate designs.

Eggs themselves have been seen as a symbol of rebirth since Roman times and beyond. They have also been linked to the pagan roots of the Easter festival, which celebrated Eostre, the goddess of spring and fertility (i.e. new life). Easter trees are an extension of this symbolism.

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How To Make Your Own Easter Tree

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Step 1 – Find Your Branches: For the most authentic displays, you should go outside and try to find small, natural, bare branches for your Easter tree, and cut them down to the length you’d like.

If these aren’t easily available where you live then you can create your branches from scratch using craft materials.

You may want to spray your branches white and attach them together to form a mini “tree” shape with one main stem.

Step 2 – Choose A Container: You can use just about any container you’d like for your tree. This might mean a decorative spring flower pot, or any suitable household item that you’d like to recycle!

You’ll want the base color of the container to match the color scheme you’re going for with your tree decorations.

Step 3 – Decorate Your Container: You can skip this step if you want, but you may want to paint or decorate your container to help it fit in with your color scheme or home decor. Bright spring colors are always a nice idea!

Step 4 – Fill Your Container: Use floral foam to fill your container ready for your branches. Pack it tightly to help make the base as firm and secure as possible.

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Now place the branches into the foam and arrange them nicely. You may want to add some false grass around the base to hide the foam.

Step 5 – Decorate The Tree: Now it’s time to decorate the tree however you want! You could create silk or paper flowers, or dyed eggs to hang from the branches.

Candy is another great addition to the Easter tree! Arrange the decorations to balance the tree evenly, and use hot glue to attach flowers if necessary.

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Now you have a beautiful Easter tree that’ll really bring the atmosphere of spring to your home!

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