Cheap Home Wall Decor That Looks Expensive

Cheap Home Wall Decor - Cheap Wall Art #wallart #homewallart

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Let’s face it. You look at your walls day in and day out. After a while you may get bored with the view. The following are some great ideas for cheap home wall decor.

Because you’re not spending a fortune doing it, you may even decide to change your wall decor more often to bring variety to your home.

Nautical Wall Decor

I love nautical wall decor. It looks chic, modern and you always have a bit of a Summery feel in your home, which instantly relaxes you.

Seashells are my favorite, but a wooden ship steering wheel also looks great on an empty wall.

The key is pulling the look together with the right color palette for the rest of your decor. Think coral, salmon, turquoise, teal and greys.

I found some beautiful nautical wall decor; let me know what you think of these:

Nautical prints with chevron border

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Metal Wall Art Decor

Metal wall art decor works really well with modern or farmhouse decor, but is also used as garden wall art.

Consider hanging 1 or more pieces of metal wall art in your home office for a contemporary look.

When you look around you’ll find a variety of metal wall art that won’t cost the earth. My favorites are below.

3 Piece Live, Love, Laugh Black Metal Wall Decor with clear glass candle holders #walldecor #wallart #homedecorLive, Love and Laugh 3 piece metal wall decor with clear glass candle holders

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Birds On A Wire Metal Wall Decor #WallArt #WallDecorUnderstated, yet chic birds on a wire metal wall decor

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Butterfly Wall Decor

Who doesn’t love butterflies? They’re a sign of everything positive: transformation, Spring, Summer and, of course, love!

Add a touch of positivity to your home decor with butterfly wall decor to feel cheerful all day.

Metal Butterfly Wall Decor made from iron with acrylic beads #butterflywallart #cheapwallart #homewalldecor
Metal Butterfly Wall Decor made from iron with acrylic beads via Wayfair

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Cheap Home Wall Decor Ideas and Tips

There’s no reason for you to have blank walls in your home. While it’s true every inch doesn’t have to be covered with artwork, you may want to add some interest to certain areas.

One way you can do that is to create your own art from fabric or found items.

Go looking through the local fabric or crafts stores. They’ll have a wide range of print fabric. Find something you love that will match your decor.

Then go out and buy a picture frame. Wrap the fabric around the backing, put the backing into the frame and hang it on the wall. There you have it – cheap home wall decor.

Buy a prepared canvas and let your children create a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Using acrylic paints in colors which compliment your home decor, have the children put their hand in the paint and then onto the canvas.

Use several colors or shades of the same color to give the finished project interest. When the children have finished and the work is dry you can find a frame and hang it.

Visit craft or art fairs in your area. Normally artists who are just getting started won’t charge too much for their work and an art or craft fair is the perfect place to find them.

Local colleges or art schools may also have exhibits for you to peruse. Chances are you’ll be able to find something you love without spending too much.

You may also be able to purchase an early piece from an up-and-coming artist.

Spend time in the local art museum. Some of them have posters or inexpensive prints of famous paintings for sale. They may also be able to recommend sources where you can purchase other artworks.

Purchase several small pieces. These can be considerably less than their larger counterparts. They can also be grouped together in a nice display that gives more impact than one large print.

Hang a family heirloom quilt. If you have a quilt your grandmother made and no one sees it because it’s in a bedroom, bring it out into the light.

Obviously you’ll want to hang an heirloom out of the direct sunlight to protect it, but it should be fine to hang it otherwise.

The above are a few ideas for cheap home wall decor. Think outside of the box – or picture frame – when trying to decorate a room. You can use anything of interest as art so don’t limit yourself.

Try something unconventional and it’ll be a great conversation starter.

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