Cat Patio Ideas Your Cat Will Love!

Cat Patios or Catios are a great way to keep both your cat and the wildlife safe. Take a look at these cat patio ideas for inspiration!

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Cat Patio Ideas – Outdoor Cat Patios

Cat Patio Ideas - Catios Your Cat Will Love! Large outdoor cat house made from non-toxic wood #cathouse #catio

2 story enclosed cat patio with retreat on upper level retreat and small windows – Wood paneling offers protection from the elements -Made from Non-toxic Fir Wood

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If you’re a handy person you can design and make a catio yourself. There are some great tutorials on the net that will show just how to do it.

For anyone with less than perfect design skills, you can buy a cat patio which you can easy assemble at home. The one in the picture above is by Trixie pets and is available in a range of sizes and options.


DIY Cat Patio

Building your own cat patio gives you the option to completely customize kitty’s new playground and make it as small or as big as you please. You can add toys, a scratching pad and a nice fluffy pet bed to keep your cat happy.

The above video tutorial shows you how to make a catio from Ikea bookcases. It looks totally cool and the cat sure seems to enjoy his new digs!


classic screened cat porch

The above classic catio looks so cool. It’s nice and large, so your cat has enough room to play around. Look out points at various heights will keep them entertained.

The cat head detail above the door is just so stinkin’ cute!

Treetop Deck Cat Patio

Cat Patio Ideas Your Cat Will Love! 1

This treetop catio by the cat carpenter is build on an elevated deck by enclosing it and adding perches for the cat to sit on.
Plastic netting ensures the cats stay safe without compromising the beautiful views.

Cats as well as humans will love sitting here enjoying nature.


catio cat enclosure-exterior


cat patio ideas


cat tent for indoor cats - Great for Balcony or Deck

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Here’s an easy and quick solution for keeping your cat and the local wildlife safe: a cat tent like the one above! It’s also a great idea for trips. This tents folds into a carry bag for easy storage!

2 Story Outdoor Cat House

2 Story Outdoor Cat House

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This cozy cat cottage is made from weather-treated non-toxic fir wood! It features a large side door, lounging porch and perch, hinged shutters and window with plastic pane.

Window Cat Patio

If you’re short on space, a cat window box let’s your cat enjoy the outdoors, while you can keep an eye on him.

3 Story Cat House

3 Story Cat House

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Cats will love resting in this 3 story cat house feeling secure and being protected from the rain thanks to weatherproof finish.

They can access all stories through the front or side door.

  • Accessible from the back for easy cleaning
  • Made from solid pine wood

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