Break Resistant Wine Glasses


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Break Resistant Wine Glasses

Break resistant wine glasses come in handy when you want to enjoy wine outside (like when you’re a having a bbq) or when you need something sturdy for your home bar or when you’re enjoying some pool time with your mates.

No breakages, no mess to clean up either!

In a hurry?

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These Break resistant wine glasses have a silicone sleeve to protect the wine glass inside. There are 4 glasses with each their own colored sleeve in this set, so you can easily identify your own glass.

The sleeves are BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free and can be popped into the dishwasher for easy cleaning! Same goes for the glasses.

The glasses are pretty large: 17 .oz per glass, so that saves you a couple of trips to the bar.

Use them to brighten up your dinner table or for your next backyard party!

Made and assembled in the USA / Available from Amazon

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